About this site

Site template is based on (and heavily modified from) Bloghaus from december14.net, [licensing information]. Thanks for a decent template with nicely labeled HTML, and shoutout to search.marginalia.nu for helpin me find some non-SEO shit from the good old days.

Color palette based on tumblr users queer-buccanneers's quoi pennant pride flag design. The WIP of my website color palette can be found here.

This website exists because I love music. I love to listen to it, to have opinions on it, to talk about it, and to make what little of it I can. If I was a dragon, my Spotify likes songs would be my hoard. That said, I don't trust Spotify to serve as an archive that is accessible to anyone and will stay accessible into the future. Hopefully Neocities will last a little longer before descending into ad revenue hell. So I figured it was a good time to learn the basics of HTML and CSS and get myself something that nobody else's web development team can change without my permission.